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Downtown Miami Renaissance

[Excerpt from Down  DownTown Miami a Book by Raul Guerrero. Out December 2013]

Downtown—a city within a city—is the new place of choice for CEOs, international entrepreneurs, star chefs and artists. People who can live anywhere are calling Downtown home. The British consul general for Florida put it succinctly: “I am proud to say that British business feature prominently among the European firms with interests in Miami. The City is America’s second-largest banking center, so it’s no surprise that big UK banks like HSBC, Lloyds and Barclays have significant operations s here.”


M  I  A  M  I

 A Book by Raúl Guerrero. In Bookstores December, 2013. 

Encyclopedic. Irreverently Literary. 

 About The Book 

Visitor or resident, knowledge remains the best approach, for cities, like lovers, are about discovery. The more one discovers the more fulfilling the relationship. And Downtown has much to offer: World-class opera, the Heats, a renowned Miami Book Fair, vibrant nightlife, weekends of art, and a history peopled by railroad barons, pioneering women, crocodile wrestlers and the likes of Scarface Al Capone. Where do you start? DownTown Miami is the perfect point of departure. Raúl Guerrero's kaleidoscopic portrayal of Downtown is both encyclopedic and irreverently literary.

About the Author

“Escaping the bitter cold of the Northeast, my wife and I moved six years ago. Not long enough? Joan Didion said it best: A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself.” Journalist and novelist Raúl Guerrero set out to capture what Downtown’s diversity conjures every moment everywhere. “Be the Miami City Ballet’s Symphonic Dances, the magical fusion of Thai and Latin cuisine, or that 1923 architectural relic contrasting the glassy high-rise next door. Not to mention breathtaking Bay Biscayne.”

The Book’s Architecture

“Synthesizing all in 120 pages was a challenge. It meant expurgating wonderful, fabulous, gorgeous, all adjectival fat, and let pictures in the conversation. Niels Johansen’s pictures, as the saying goes, one for a thousand words. Is it a guide? Yes. Voyeurism? Yes. Journalism? Yes. Fiction? Yes. Is it good? Maybe. “Art is best not judged by the artist.”  


DownTown Miami is a tool for residents, professionals, students and tourists. Enjoy it, but, please, use it carefully. Enlightenment and laughter are known to provoke cramps.

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Downtown Miami represents the unmistakable sign that the economic and commercial center of gravity is shifting away from the suburbs and back to the urban core. “What’s happening in Miami illustrates a key corollary of the creative-class theory,’ explained urban theorist Richard Florida during a conference held in Miami Dade College. “The creative class and the knowledge-based economy account now for about a third of the of the U.S. workforce.” 

And cities with the right environment enjoy a huge competitive edge, as members of this creative class seek out cool places to live, “meaning walkable neighborhoods, distinctive architecture, a diverse population, vibrant street and cultural life, and amenities like cafes, bars, parks and bike lanes. As the creatives rub shoulders, they generate new ideas and enterprises that propel economic growth and attract even more talented, creative people. And the sunshine helps.”


Murder and the Dog  A novella by Raul Guerrero

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