Out of Context

Street Artist Banksy's work in MIami.

Banksy's on-your-face and mysterious art shows up in walls around the world. His film Exit Through the Gift Shop made its debut at the Sundance Film Fest in 2010.

Art Basel turns Miami into the world’s art center for a week, and at its center is the English street artist and filmmaker Banksy’s controversy: Does graffiti belong to the artist or to the gallery that removes it, and framing the concrete blocks, markets it? His art belongs to everyone, claims Banksy, sabotaging the efforts of New York gallerist Keszler to sell it.

From Bethlehem to Miami 

Keszeler spent thousands of dollars to have Banksy's work removed from the Middle East and shipped to New York. Actually he did not remove the walls but bought the art from Palestinians who did the dirty work. The pieces, weighting thousands of pounds, he couldn't sell in New York. Keszler accused Banksy of sabotage, and Banksy accused Keszler of depriving the world at large of his work, let alone stealing it from its street context. 

Accordingly, Banksy’ showing in Miami's CONTEXT is titled Out of Context. Said Keszler, “the work is not for sale, this time.” The exhibit features pieces that made the pilgrimage from Bethlehem.

Context  Dec 4 -9, 2012.

Midtown | Wynwood Arts District

3201 NE 1st Avenue - Miami, FL 33137


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