Is Spanish Sexist?

Is Spanish Sexist?

The Royal Academicians of the Spanish Language have warned those feminists to leave the language intact: Spanish is not sexist!

Back in the seventies I researched the not-sexist Dictionary and found no professions for women other than the oldest (though some royal experts call it a vocation rather a profession.) For example: Alcaldeza (female mayor) it defined as the wife of the mayor. However for prostitution there was no shortage of entries. Not much has changed in four decades.

Here is a comparative analysis:

Zorro, a vindicador, a justicie-fighter, a super hero, Antonio Banderas.

Zorra: whore.

Perro, man’s best friend, silent companion, eyes of the blind, Lassie.

Perra: whore.

Hombre público, public intellectual, a citizen’s citizen, country-first, Churchill, Obama.

Mujer pública: whore.

Aventurero: a worldly man, energy, risk, excitment, bon-vivant, mucho macho.

Aventurera: whore.

Don Juan: James Bond, a man’s man, a woman’s dream, oh, boy…!

Madam Juana: old whore now pimping younger ones.

And so ad infinitum. Long live la Academia!.

Raúl Guerrero is a journalist, historian, and  writer specializing in women’s struggles and language. He is the author of numerous works, notably the novels INSOLENCE and La dudosa fuga de la cronista LIBERTINA. He lectures frequently in Florida and New York. 

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