Sample 10 Week Medical Spanish Program

Multimedia Medical Spanish Program


2.      Objective

3.      Course Structure

4.      Scope and Sequence

5.      Materials

    1. Concept

Develop and deliver a 10-week multimedia Spanish Training Program. 


            2. Objective

The goal of the program is to enable participant to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients.  Participant will learn to interview patients regarding medical conditions; give commands pertaining to examinations and procedures; describe physical conditions and symptoms; and explain treatments.


          3. Course Structure

The course will consist of three components: individualized phone-classes, online training and CDs.



         4. Scope and Sequence


Week 1

Language task

·         Identifying yourself and others

Spanish Language Structure

·         Personal pronouns

·         Nouns

·         Gender


·         Physical descriptions

·         Pain, discomfort

·         Emergency Room Spanish


Week 2

Language task

·         Describing the environment (here, there, up, down, home, work)

·         Questioning the message to ensure communication

Spanish Language Structure

·         Affirmative and Negative expressions

·         Prepositions

·         Interrogative clauses

·         Regular verbs – present tense


·         Asking questions

·         Symptoms

·         Level of pain

·         Cardiovascular vocabulary


Week 3

Language task

·         Establishing time and circumstances of an action.

·         Asking for collaboration to avoid misunderstandings

    Spanish Language Structure

·         Adverbs

·         Numbers

·         Comparatives

·         Adjectives


·         Assessing a patient’s condition

·         Informing patients and family members about a condition

·         Obstetrical


Week 4

Language task

·         Taking statements

·         Establishing agent and object (who did what to whom)

Spanish Language Structure

·         Irregular verbs

·         Colors

·         Days, months, time, weather

·         Por and Para (confusing Spanish prepositions)


·         Interviewing patients about heir medical conditions

·         Interviewing patients about family


Week 5



Week 6

Language task

·         Ordering someone to do something

·         Giving clear commands

Spanish Language Structure

·         Irregular verbs

·         Exclamations

·         Food and eating vocabulary


·         Asking patients to stand up, sit down, go to a certain place, take a medicine, open their mouth, etc.

·         Gastrointestinal


Week 7

Language task

·         Comparing, rejecting, and denying

·         Expressing agreement or negation

Spanish Language Structure

·         15 essential Spanish verbs –present, present progressive and past

·         Impersonal statements

·         Relative Clauses


·         Discussing symptoms and disease


Week 8

Language task

·         Expressing opinions, feelings

·         Distinguishing subjective elements from facts


Spanish Language Structure

·         Comparatives of equality and inequality

·         Past tense –immediate and remote.


·         Discussing treatment, including surgery and medications

·         Surgical Interview


 Week 9

Language task

·         Listening skills

Spanish Language Structure

·         Readings on culture

·         Pronunciation


·         Risk factors

·         Life Styles


Week 10



5. Materials

I will develop a manual tailored for the needs of the participant that will enable her to study independently, to consult and to reinforce what is learned in class, consisting of a text and audio CDs. The book is designed also for the Phone-Individualized classes. Student will also have access to the online lab, which will be based on the text.