Epic thriller. Love story. A vivid piece of historical writing... 

The age of discovery, the Renaissance, Raul Guerrero’s sizzling historical thriller also coincides with the Spanish Inquisition’s reign of terror. A dangerous period for non-conformist women. But Francisca Pinelo will not conform—go from submissive daughter to submissive wife, and on to abnegated motherhood—but European universities are inexorable manly bastions, and education, God forgive, said parents, crossing themselves,cursed women to eternal solitude. Impersonating her nobleman husband Francisca Pinelo attends the university only to have a secret revealed that leaves her without an identity. In her quest to reinvent herself, and avenge her mother—put to the stake for being educated, and a Jew—Francisca Pinelo takes on one of the most horrific institution in the history of humanity.


INSOLENCE Book Trailer