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Opera not only is elegant, but, among other properties, it increases our cognitive ability. Then, shouldn’t children be regularly fed some opera? “Well,” said a mother, “opera can be financially prohibitive. And three hours of drama sung in foreign languages is not what her kids call fun.

“Wait a minute,” said opera enthusiast Amal Solh, “what about Magic City Opera?" This is a social opera created to make the genre accessible to everyone. “Just last week Magic City Opera premiered a wonderful version of Hansel and Kendel, a children’s Halloween Opera. Kids loved it, and parents, too.”

Based on the beloved children’s story Hansel and Gretel, this tale has been delighting audiences since 1893. Hansel and Gretel are siblings, young brother and sister, kidnapped by a cannibalistic witch living deep in the forest in a house constructed of cake and confectionery. The kids escape by outsmarting the witch. The tale has been adapted to various media, including opera.

British newspaper The Guardian ranked Hansel and Gretel among the top ten operas for children of all time. Here is what The Guardian commented: “It’s one of the high points of 19th-century opera, a wonderful remodeling of the language of Wagnerian music drama into a work that has the lightest of musical and dramatic touches, and never seems a moment too long.”

“It’s a magical journey into this timeless fairy tale,” said Graham Fandrei, Magic City Opera’s Executive Director. “Be sure to dress up in Halloween costumes so you and your family can meet the performers in the actual set, and yes, collect candy!”


Tomorrow, Saturday October 28, Magic City Opera is bringing Hansel and Gretel to downtown’s Olympia Theater. And that’s not all. Both shows, 2 pm and 5 pm, are free.

What a combination: Magic City Opera, the newest company in town, and the historic Olympia Theater. The world’s greatest artists have performed at the Olympia, from Elvis Presley to Luciano Pavarotti, and now, imagine, you and your kids can climb to that same stage and feel the magic!


174 E Flagler St. Miami, Fl. 33132

October 28, 2 pm and 5 pm.

Free - Get your tickets at OlympiaTheater.org

For more information on Magic City Opera MCOPERA.ORG.

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