Murder and the Dog A NOVELLA by Raul Guerrero

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Love, betrayal, sex, murder and a dog.


In this stunning new novella, Raul Guerrero takes us on a journey through the world of a hidden New York, an underworld of undocumented immigrants. Simultaneously we peek into the leisurely life of the journalist covering the story, a decadent Lothario.


Raul Guerrero has authored numerous works, notably the novels INSOLENCE and Cronista libertina. He lectures frequently in Florida and New York.


About his work:

Full of wicked wit and eccentric historical allusions. His writing is dark and hilarious. NBC News.



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        Cosmopolitan New York helped Paul Ormaza engage all kinds of women in encounters compressed mostly to the early afternoon. For this purpose he kept a room at a small hotel on 17th street, not far from the Review. They had a bite and proceeded to the hotel. Not Ann’s first visit, she undressed gracefully and diligent. Left alone, unpressured, Ann staged delightful acts. She had years of ballet and mime. Men, Ormaza told her, had lost the patience to appreciate a girl’s exhibitionism. Ann stopped rolling her pantyhose down at her ankles and looked at him over the shoulder. Boys her age were always in a hurry, she agreed. Climaxing was their only priority. Ormaza assured her it was not generational. Men his age had also traded the journey for the adrenaline of the arrival. Ann kneeled. Ormaza was sitting on the edge of the bed. She knew about his predilection for languid sex after lunch, and apologized. She had an editorial meeting at 2. A quickie had to do.


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