Spanish-Language and Cross-Cultural Consultant.



Mr. Guerrero developed and conducted language and cross-cultural training programs for the Washington Post and Reuters News Agency, the International Monetary Fund and the Pan American Health Organization, the Stamford Hospital-a Columbia University Teaching Hospital and Georgetown University Hospital, the Hilton and Marriott Hotels, Price Waterhouse Coopers and the US Department of Commerce.


You walk away from the program with the skills to not only speak and work in Latin America but also with those to better understand the region and appreciate its richness.

Laney Salisbury

Correspondent,  Reuters, NY.


Mr. Guerrero authored Azul: Language and Culture, and Llegar a 100, a Spanish-language mini encyclopedia for the heart. He contributed several articles on language, history and culture for Encyclopedia Latina.







A NOVEL Raul Guerrero

ON SALE September, 2009.



A New Concept in Language-Training


  • Online learning combined with onsite classes help you communicate with clients effectively and fast. 


  • Set up an initial visit. I assess your level, aptitude and language needs. I design a specific program for you, taking into consideration your time restrains and budget.


  • We cover New York, Connecticut and Southern Florida.  Our fees are very reasonable. Not paying for our fancy office and staff you can access a world-class language professor and cross-cultural specialist. 


We are delighted with his creativity, and flexibility of the programs. Mr. Guerrero created multi-level Spanish Courses for our English-speaking doctors and Business Spanish Programs for native Spanish-speaking professionals, including workshops and online seminars to review and master business communications-from writing proposals to making presentations.

Jean Kent. Training Director, Pan American Health Organization, Washington, DC


Language and Cultural Consultancy


  • Once you become a client, you can consult me by video-chat, IM and email, or by phone. Example: A doctor was not sure his patient understood the procedure he had just recommended. He phoned me and in 30 seconds I made sure she did.


  • You can contact me directly when you have a cultural or language problem. Example: A hospital had spent thousands to develop its website in Spanish. They hired an agency. At the last minute the hospital added the profile of a prominent member of the Hispanic community. The original translator no longer was available and the Agency assigned the task to a less qualified translator who did a poor job. I was able to edit it before the website went live, saving the Hospital embarrassment, and the fee for a new translation.


  • I am accessible. Contact me by phone, email or IM.  Mon-Fri 8-6 PM. 24/7 for emergencies. Language Emergencies? Example: A client’s daughter had to communicate to a Mexican Police Officer why she had not observed a stop sign at 2 am. She called me from the scene of the incident and I explained the situation to the Mexican Police Officer, preventing my client’s daughter a gruesome visit to a Mexican Police Station and saving him hundreds if not thousands in legal fees.  


  •  You get the services of a personal consultant, and the latest technology, so you keep communicating with your Spanish-speaking clientele.