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Art / The De La Cruz Current Exhibit

The de la Cruz Collection presents their 2017 exhibition, Progressive Praxis. By merging a variety of styles and mediums, the works selected for this year's exhibition mirror contemporary culture while allowing an open-ended conversation of various interpretations and possibilities. The context of this exhibition creates a critical understanding of our shifting visual culture. The architecture of the galleries was taken into consideration in framing this exhibition. INFO@DELACRUZCOLLECTION.ORG

Literature / Poetry & Jazz

Autumn. Time to rediscover the art of conversation over a glass of wine or two. The Downtown Arts + Science Salon presents the bilingual Salon with jazz: The Poetry of Pablo Neruda: Actors and writers dramatize Neruda’s magnificent poetry in the original Spanish and English translations. For schedules DASSMIAMI.COM.

Travel / Downtown Miami 

From a tourism perspective, the city of Miami has long been a gateway to Miami Beach, the sand-fringed barrier island lined in glamorous resorts. But in the past several years, downtown Miami has been undergoing renovation, first as a cultural destination – its acclaimed Perez Art Museum Miami  – and more recently as a leisure destination with the recent opening of new hotels such as the SLS BrickellLangford and East, Miami, restaurants led by the Uruguayan import Quinto La Huella and bars including the rooftop Pawn Broker.  New York Times.

LANGUAGE / Introducing DASS Translation Bureau

DASS Translation Bureau is a division of the Downtown Arts + Science Salon. Naturally, The Translation Bureau specializes in science and the arts: from  medicine, architecture, physics and robotics to public relations, the media and literature (novels, plays, scripts, dissertations, articles, subtitles.) DASS only does Spanish to English & English to Spanish. That is why they guarantee precision.  DASSMIAMI.COM 


Translation is communicating the meaning of a source-language text to a target-language. That is, translation is not about words, but what words are about

If the translator doesn’t understand the ideas behind the words the result is a business fiasco (and potentially a liability.) One incident comes to mind: A doctor asked an old patient suffering from depression—her granddaughter translating—if she heard voices. “Do you hear voices,” asked the girl. “Sure,” replied the grandmother, “I hear your voice and the doctor’s just fine. I hear voices all the time.” The girl told the doctor: “Grandma hears voices all the time.” The doctor prescribed her antipsychotic meds.  DASSTRANSLATION

Journalism / Essays by Raul Guerrero 

Chocolate and Sex

Tribute to Beautiful Spanish Language

Spanish Bad Words

Who Speaks Spanish Best?

Dangerous Cognates 

Latin or Hispanic?

Is Spanish Sexist?


Arte / Art Basel Buenos Aires


/ Lenguaje, Cultura y Ciencia

[Una serie sobre lenguaje, cultura y ciencias de Raul Guerrero para el Nuevo Herald de Miami.]

La curiosa historia del nombre Ecuador

Nuevo Herald

La Etimología de Chinola/Maracuya

Nuevo Herald

Breve historia del chocolate

Nuevo Herald

De Hombres y Simios
Nuevo Herald

Sobre palabras huecas literatura

Nuevo Herald

Oda a los Libros 

Nuevo Herald

El Dia del idioma  
Rojo por el corazón de la mujer

Nuevo Herald

Breve historia del español


¿Son España, América Latina y Estados Unidos Hispano, parafraseando a Oscar Wilde, mundos separados por un mismo idioma?

Espanglish: El nacimiento de un nuevo idioma